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Every Type of Asian Massages

In addition to traditional massages, we also offer many types of Asian massage types to suit your personal preferences. 

Full Body Rubdowns

The is nothing to relieve stress better than an all over massage. Focusing on areas of the body that tend to hold tension, these massages relax and refresh. 

A Masseuse For Every Taste

We know that a big part of your experience depends on your masseuse. Tell us your preference and we'll send someone just right.

Relax With A Personal Massage

Do your muscles feel tight? Do you ever have a sharp pain running through your neck? Perhaps you miss the comforting touch of soft, gentle hands, running over your skin. Whatever position you find yourself in, you need to pamper yourself with one of our adult massage services. Each service is designed with you in mind, and we sent girls direct to you and your Las Vegas hotel room. This takes all the stress away and allows you to unwind and enjoy a personal, relaxing massage. In Room Massage Las Vegas ServicesYou don't need to head out to a spa to receive a full service massage. In fact, you don't even need to leave your room. Instead, give us a call and we'll arrange everything else. You'll receive the same quality massage you'd receive in other spas, all without ever leaving. So, if you're looking for a massage in Las Vegas, just know you can take fully advantage of a massage in your room. 

Soapy Massage

Massage in Las Vegas isn't just oil rubbed over your body. In fact, there are a few styles you may not have back home. A soapy massage is one of them. With a soapy massage you won't have that oil-slicked feeling at the end of the massage. This style of massage is similar to other services we offer, only there are plenty of bubbles. Nothing like an expert massage from a beautiful woman with some soapy bubbles added in. That's like the cherry on top of a chocolate and vanilla milk shake. 

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Body Rubs

Some massages are designed to really dig into the muscles and work the knots. For something like that you may want to book a special massage service at the hotel's spa. However, if you're more comfortable with the touch of a woman's hand on your tired muscles, a body rub is the full service massage for you. There's just something about the soft, delicate, and warm hands of a woman running over your muscles. Your chest. Your legs. Your arms. Your torso. Wherever you need a soothing touch you'll find it here. 

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Asian Massage

There's just something about a beautiful Asian woman offering a massage, isn't there? It's also something you may not be able to find back home. Well, in Las Vegas you can not only find anything, but everything found here is incredibly beautiful. So when looking to use our girls direct to you massage service, why not specially request an Asian massage?

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Couples Massage

Las Vegas isn't just a boys weekend out. It can be an incredible time with your significant other as well. In fact, sharing activities together will only draw you two closer together. And what better way to do this than with a couples massage? Our full service massage will send girls directly to your hotel. This way, you and your love can enjoy a massage in your room. You can turn any massage into a couples massage. So whether you want soapy, nuru, naked, or erotic, it's twice the fun with a couples massage.

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Erotic Massage

Maybe you want your massage to be a bit more adult than the average massage. Not a problem there at all. With an erotic massage your turn the heat level up to 11, all while you're still receiving a great feeling massage. You can also pick the woman that comes out for your massage (or you can wait and be surprised). 

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Naked Massage

Isn't it a bit strange to book a massage, go in, remove all your clothes, and then be fully nude while the massage therapist is fully clothed? It's enough to make you self-conscious. Well, naturally, the only solution to this is to have the woman giving you the massage be naked as well. That should solve all those self-conscious problems, right? It should also make it the best massage you've ever received. 

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NURU Massage

This is a special Japanese massage you're not going to see on the menu of your normal local spa. That's because it is a very personal massage experience. NURU uses an oil that heats up with the help of body heat. So, to fully open up your muscles and turn your entire body to jelly, the massage in your room will feature the woman rubbing her body onto yours, and the oil warms your skin. 

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Sensual Massage

You don't need a massage to be rough and digging into your muscles to be relaxing. With a sensual massage your muscles will be treated like with the love and affection you deserve. The gentle touch of our outcall massage service will help you fully relax.

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Tantra Massage

Don't you hate it when the good part of the massage comes and goes too quickly? That won't be a problem with tantra massage. It slowly builds until you can hardly contain yourself on the massage table. 

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Chinese Massage

Whether you want a particular style or you just are interested in Chinese woman, we have you covered. Our adult massage services will make your Chinese massage experience possible. 

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Korean Massage

When looking for a Las Vegas massage why not book a massage you can't receive back home? A Korean massage is exactly that and we have the girl just for you. 

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Thai Massage

If you've been to Thailand before you understand the beauty of Thai women. If you haven't, you're about to find out. And the best way to do that is by booking yourself a Thai full service massage. 

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Oriental Massage

Perhaps you don't have a particular preference for what nationality our adult massage services cover, just as long as they are Asian. Not a problem. Our Oriental massage service will give you the full service massage you're looking for

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Outcall Massage

It's amazing how a personal, outcall massage can completely whisk the stress away. Your state of mind before a massage and after is night and day. You'll feel as if you're floating on a cloud following your massage. Best of all, you don't have to leave a spa, fight traffic, and make your way to your room. So if you're ready to truly paper yourself, now is the time to take advantage of our Las Vegas massage services. One call is all it takes. 

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